Sexless Marriage | Wife Not Interested In Sex? Here’s Why…

Wife Not Interested In Sex? Here’s Why…

Why is my wife not interested in sex?

This is the biggest question on men’s minds when they’re stuck in a sexless marriage.  Lets talk about some of the things that would make your wife not interested in sex anymore.

1.  She doesn’t feel the emotion in bed

Lots of women think that men are just interested in getting their orgasm.  They don’t realize that a husband wants a lot more than that– a chance to express to his wife how much he loves her.  If she doesn’t realize that you want to make love to her heart as much as to her body that would definitely make your wife not interested in sex.

amr044small2.  Bad body image

Most women have strong insecurities about their bodies.  With all the scantily clad women  everywhere we turn, most women feel they can’t measure up to what their husbands want.  And that’s enough to make any wife not interested in sex.

Sex makes a woman feel vulnerable– when she’s totally exposed and you’re looking at her body, she’s thinking about all those other women you’ve seen and wondering if you’re comparing her to them.  If your wife not interested in sex, take a good look at how you’ve responded to all of those sexy women.  Commenting about how hot they are, or staring at a women walking down the street, can definitely make your wife not interested in sex, and very hurt to boot.

3.  Past negative sexual experiences

If your wife was ever abused sexually, or in a bad sexual relationship, it’s very likely that she’ll have sexual reservations now that she’s your wife.  Not interested in sex doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s turned off by you, it could be a sign that sexuality is traumatic for her.

4.  Underlying problems in the relationship

Unresolved issues in a relationship is the most common thing that will make a wife not interested in sex.  Sex is extremely emotional  for a woman, and if she feels that she doesn’t have a good emotional relationship with you or that you’ve drifted apart, this will make your wife not interested in sex.  Figuring out what the problems are is the first step to turning things around.

5.  Stress and Life Changes

If your wife not interested in sex but she used to be, you need to take a look at how your life has changed since the good old days.  There are many stresses like children, careers,  and finances that can make a wife not interested in sex.

These are the five most common reasons that would make a wife not interested in sex.  The first thing you need to do is to go through the list and give each possibility some thought.  Ask yourself:  “Is this what’s making my wife not interested in sex?”

Knowing why she’s not interested in sex anymore is the first step in fixing a sexless marriage. At that point you’ll be able to identify the cause of the problem so that you can start fixing it.

But it’s important to take action– and in a way that will help the situation, and not make things worse. The vast majority of sexless marriages end in divorce or infidelity, and you need to take action now to make sure that that’s not where you’re marriage ends up.

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